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RIP Lydia Shum….

Translations by miss scarlett @ Asianfanatics

Lydia Shum passed away this morning

Entertainer Lydia Shum passed away this morning in Queen Mary Hospital at 60-years-old. For many years Lydia has been suffering diabetes, high blood pressure, liver cancer, etc. Earlier on she received a bile duct operation.

Ho Sau Sun, who has worked with Lydia in the past described that it was hard to express his current feelings. “I can’t seem to accept this at the moment… it’s hard to explain my feelings.”

My Comments: Rest In Peace. I was definitely shock when I’ve read this on asianfanatics forum. So sad. I did not realize that she was that sick. But after many times of entering the hospital, I’m glad she’s in a better place now. All the pain and suffering has ended. I’m hoping that her family feel better. Her smile and laughter will always remain in the HK entertainment industry.

Credit: AsianFanatics


Strictly Come Dancing


Strictly Come Dancing, have recently been shown on Jadeworld Satelitte. I was amazed at how this show came out. This is a TVB joint production with a Hunan (mainland china) tv station. It’s basically a dance competition. TVB sends out 10 artiste. Hunan station sends 10 to compete among each other. TVB celebrities include: Sonija Kwok, Sharon Chan, Mandy Cho, Shirley Yeung, Janet Chow, Joe Ma, Carlo Ng, Stephen Huynh, Michael Tse, and Benjamin Yuen.

Even this show have already been board cast. I am overall happy with the winners. Their last dance is very creative. Michael Tse & one of the Hunan Artiste. (sorry don’t know her name). They did a great job. The way their dance is coordinated is so much better than the other teams. Great that they won!!

Watch the Winner’s PERFORMANCE!


Here is a picture of the ending celebration! Most of the people are from Hunan team. (Click to Enlarge)


2008! Happy New Year! TVB HD’s world.

Welcome 2008! Finally a brand new year! TVB is transferring to high definition television. The screening, costumes, and scenery well be better. This year will be a big year for me, since I am graduating from high school and going on to college. I hope 2008 will be a great year for everyone.

 Raymond Clip: Welcoming TVB HD.

Credit to: isum01@ youtube 

Triumph In the Skies


Triumph In the Skies is a 2003 series production made by TVB. The main cast include Francis Ng, Joe Ma, Flora Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and  Michelle Yip. I was surfing around the net and I found a 2002 sales presentation clip of Triumph In the Skies. Originally TVB had Steven Ma, Gordan Lam, and Miriam Yeung casted for Triumph In the Skies before Francis Ng, Joe Ma, Flora Chan. The clip shown below is a love triangle between the main leads. The clip looks really interesting. I wonder how Triumph In the Skies would have turned out if TVB kept the original cast. It would have been great to see Gordon Lam in Triumph In the Skies. Country Spirit (a 2002 production) was Gordon’s last TVB series. I’m guessing because his contract with TVB was ending, so Gordon decided not to film Triumph In the Skies.
The storyline in the clip looks really interesting, the three grew up together and later achieve their goals to become pilot and flight attendance. Overall, I think I would enjoy this series with the original cast. The finalized cast were great to, but it would have been great to see Steven Ma, Gordan Lam, and Miriam Yeung together also.

Here is Original Clip:

Credit to: sunsetger@youtube

Tvb SpotLight: Nancy Wu


Nancy won the TVB Covergirl back in 1999, that’s how she became really famous. Slowly she started to film series with TVB. Some of her early series are Seed of Hope, Aqua Heros, The W Files, Truimph Into The Sky and many more. She played many supporting roles, which most viewers might not even remember her.

Up until 2004, Tvb finally given Nancy the role of Wan Wan in Twins Of Brothers in 2004, where she played 2-3rd lead. Her performance was really good, many viewers finally became fans of Nancy Wu for her acting. She have been playing roles in Ten Brothers, Face to Fate also where she is a 2-3rd lead. The are other times when her role have became minor again, in the Revolving Doors of Vengeance.

I think Nancy Wu have been under-promoted. I think she have talents and skills to become a great actress. Nancy have been around after the new generation of Raymond, Myolie, Tavia. She could have been one of the actress that is leading in her own series. Who knows, if she would have been famous, she could have been Sung Joi Sum in Heart of Greed instead of Linda. (just an example, I loved Linda in HOG) I think Nancy would have been successful at it like Linda. TVB is now promoting Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, Toby Leung. I think it time for TVB to promote Nancy Wu.

Nancy History: 3rd TVB Covergirl 1999 – First Place, 18th TVB Actress/Actor Class

Best Performance so far: Twin of Brothers- Wan Wan

Comments Anyone?

TVB Sales Presentation Fashion

I was searching on youtube and found a video of backstage at the Tvb Sales Presentation. So I decided to write my thoughts down based on the females fashion/dresses. This event wasn’t supposed to be too elegant so these dresses/outfits are average.


The GOOD: Selena Li, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsiu, Linda Chung.
These are the dresses that I found really cute/style/pretty. These dresses are simply but it fit each character really well. Kate looks really pretty in the dress. It is so much better than the outfit she have worn at the awards ceremony. Much better and less makeup.


The SoSo: Yoyo Mung, Charmaine Sheh, Sharon Chan, Bernice Liu
Yoyo’s dress is average. It’s a little plain, but it’s not too bad. Charmaine looks really cute, but something about the outfit. The gloves look weird with the outfit. Sharon outfit is pretty, she should change the hairstyle. Bernice has a nice body, she is covering too much in the front.

The Worst: Lisa Wang, Myolie Wu
Lisa outfit is something I don’t think it looks good. The scarf, hand, mittens need to go. Myolie is “trying” a new style. I honestly hate her new look. She got the boyish hair cute once again. Her whole outfit does not suit her. Hopefully next TVB anniversary we will see a better styled Myolie.

TVB 40th Anniversary



I just watched the 40th Anniversary today. All i could say is that i wasn’t really impressed. It started by TVB’s artistes opening the show, 40 artistes were chosen to sing “Happy Birthday“. The show had many veterans and young host.There was a dance performance from the show, Strictly Come Dancing. They include Michael Tse, Carlo Ng, Joe Ma, Stephen Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Shirley Yeung, Sonija Kwok, Sharon, Mandy Cho and Janet Chow. Their performance was pretty entertaining.

After that was Johnson Lee, Wong Cho Lam and Louis Yuen, a performance of acting like other celebrities.

The Street drumming, included Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Kenny Wong, Kenneth Ma and others actors and actress performance was okay. Even though i expected a lot more from this performance.

The Waxworks Exhibition, was the most interesting part of the anniversary. This included Lee Si Kei, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Bernice Liu, Amigo Chui, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu. This part was pretty funny of how Eric Tsang and Roger Kwok was making fun of everything.

The musical performances with Janice Vidal and Liu Jia-Chang was very good. The music was very nice. This was the last performance of the anniversary.

My overall Thoughts: This anniversary lack many tvb actors/actresses performance. People like Raymond, Linda, Tavia, Bosco and many others. You can only see them at the beginning of the show, sometimes in the background and the end of the show. I wished they added many more performances. The 37th TVB anniversay was so much better. The 40th anniversary wasn’t as great as i thought it was. Hope next year gets better.