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Tvb SpotLight: Bernice Liu


Bernice Liu is the Miss Chinese International 2001 Pageant Winner. She is now one of TVB’s fa dans. I think her career is going pretty smoothly at this point. However, I don’t think she is being promoted fast enough. People like Linda Chung and Kate Tsiu is having better roles and being promoted so fast. (I like both btw.) Every since she started Virtues of Harmony, she was named the “Princess”. I really like her character once I saw VOH. Her character was very cute and likable to the audience. Her career has started since VOH. People slowly got to realize who Bernice Liu was. After VOH she also participated in series such as Golden Faith, Love Bond, and most recent Steps. Steps is so far one of her breakthrough roles. I’m hoping that she will get more variety of roles, than just the TVB “nice” roles.


One role I would like to see Bernice portray is “evil” or “sad”.  Bernice is a pretty and has a nice body figure. I think she could become one of the top TVB actress later on the years. One thought that came in my mind, if she switched places with Kate Tsiu in HOG2. She would be pair up with Moses Chan with the rival of Tavia Yeung. That would be pretty interesting to see since there are so many fans of Moses and Bernice. (Even though she will be the third-wheel)


I’m still waiting for a breakthrough role for Bernice.

Her recent TVB release series is Wasabi Mon Amour.

What are your thoughts on Bernice?


Tvb SpotLight: Sonija Kwok


Sonija have been in TVB industry for about 7-8 years now, very closed to the time Charmaine Sheh came out. Through these past years Sonija proved to many people that she can become an actress. She was hated by most fans in the beginning of her career due to the evil role in Where the Legend Begins and Perish in the Name of Love. Many people hated her roles. Sonija was one of the low fan-based actress around, as years past TVB had given her many good and positive roles. Her fan-based has risen due to her lovable characters.

Sonija would be considered one of the “Fan Dans” she have been leading in serveral series, including The Last Breakthrough, Hidden Treasure, Angels Of Mission and many more. Sonija isn’t as popular as Charmaine or Gigi, but her performance granted many fans approval of her acting.

Sonjia will be leaving TVB. Her contract will end soon and she will not renew it. She will be heading to the mainland and film. Another person leaving TVB. Sonija has such a pretty and elegrant look. I’m pretty sad to see her leave. Sonija is one actress that I’ve meet in real life. TVB will be soon lacking artiste in the near future. Many people have left TVB already. I hope Sonija have a bright future ahead of her.

Sonija History:  Winner of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1999, Miss Chinese International Pageant 2000

Best Performance so far: The Last Breakthrough

Comments Anyone?

Tvb SpotLight: Linda Chung


Linda Chung is one of TVB’s promoted actress right now. Her popularity and fan base has greatly increased. Many fan’s might not like her, because they think she is being over promted. However, I really enjoy watching Linda on screen. She has a very nice on screen presence. Her acting might not be the best, but I think there is still room for her to improve. I’m glad she has filmed so many series and variety of roles to improve on.

Linda History: Former Miss Chinese International 2004

Best Performance so far: HOG- Sung Joi Sum.