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Upcoming: War of In-Laws 2 Starting 2008!


War of In-Laws was a great series in 2006. After this great accomplishment, TVB decided to make a sequel that will be released on January 1, 2008. Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Liza Wang are filmed in modern times. This is one of TVB HD’s series, along with many others such as the upcoming Gem.

Here is one of the promotion clip of War of In-Laws 2.

I hope this sequel will be as good as War of In-Laws. The plot is very similar to War of In-Laws, I hope there will be something different that TVB added to the sequel. I got to say this is the best look of Myolie in modern series. I love her long hair, whether it’s down or in a ponytail.

SPOILERS!!!!! (Don’t Click links if You dont want to be SPOILED.)
Long preview of Episodes are already out. There roughly about 9-10 minutes long.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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Triumph In the Skies


Triumph In the Skies is a 2003 series production made by TVB. The main cast include Francis Ng, Joe Ma, Flora Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and  Michelle Yip. I was surfing around the net and I found a 2002 sales presentation clip of Triumph In the Skies. Originally TVB had Steven Ma, Gordan Lam, and Miriam Yeung casted for Triumph In the Skies before Francis Ng, Joe Ma, Flora Chan. The clip shown below is a love triangle between the main leads. The clip looks really interesting. I wonder how Triumph In the Skies would have turned out if TVB kept the original cast. It would have been great to see Gordon Lam in Triumph In the Skies. Country Spirit (a 2002 production) was Gordon’s last TVB series. I’m guessing because his contract with TVB was ending, so Gordon decided not to film Triumph In the Skies.
The storyline in the clip looks really interesting, the three grew up together and later achieve their goals to become pilot and flight attendance. Overall, I think I would enjoy this series with the original cast. The finalized cast were great to, but it would have been great to see Steven Ma, Gordan Lam, and Miriam Yeung together also.

Here is Original Clip:

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TVB Poster

Here is the 20007 Heart of Greed and the 2002 Golden Faith Poster. They look pretty much similar, except for the characters. Did you notice the “one” person in both posters? Raymond Lam. Its pretty interesting seeing Raymond in both series. Overall i love the Golden Faith Poster more, since everyone in the poster is facing the camera. I guess this is TVB’s way of creating similar posters for grand productions. However TVB used this official poster.

Overall both Heart of Greed and Golden Faith are both great series. If i were to pick a series, Golden Faith would be my favorite.