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Happy Chinese New Years!

Here is Raymond’s TVB new year greeting clip!


Raymond Lam

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New Breath of Love Scene:1

Watching through New Breath of Love, and I’m loving it. Raymond and his friends where in a cafe eating in. Tammy and Alex are also eating at the same cafe. Alex had to go to the bathroom leaving Tammy by her self.

Raymond friends made a bet with him to go over to Tammy to talk to her. They talked and exchange business cards. Raymond then walks back to his seat with his friends. Tammy went behind Raymond and heard everything they said. Raymond turns around, Tammy slapped him in the face for playing her.

 I am really enjoying this series right now, the characters and theme is very fresh, very different then the series I usually watch. (TVB series to be exact) I’m really loving Raymond and Tammy love relationship in here.

SCREEN CAPTURES made by me@ Tvbizz.
Please don’t distribute without permission.

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Credit to ronkevin@youtube fore uploading this series.

New Breath of Love

Welcome February. Version 6 is up. Featuring Raymond in New Breath of Love. I think this layout will be up for a bit. At least after Valentine’s day. Hope everyone like. Comments are always welcome.

Well, I have started watching New Breath of Love. The Cantonese Version is out. So those Raymond Fans can watch it. Its pretty interesting actually. Raymond is super cute and handsome in this series. Even-though it’s not a TVB Series, it good to see other Artistes out of TVB. His costar in this series is Tammy Chan. So far their Raymond and Tammy just met in epiosode 1. Can’t wait to see their storyline develop.

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Series Info:

“The New Breath of Love” is a 26 episode series which filmed in Shanghai. The series is adapted from Taiwanese author, Wong Man Wah’s romantic novel “61 x 57” and speaks about single men and women’s love, career, and lifestyles, as well as finding a refreshing space amidst a crowded and often confusing city life. The series stars Raymond Lam, Alex Fong, Tammy Chen Yirong, and An Yixuan.

Raymond plays the bright and cheerful Xu Kai who likes Tammy’s character, Lin Jinghui. An Yixuan plays Fan Lisha. Alex plays Huang Mingzheng, who is well established in his career. And former model Jiang Hua plays Cheng Ling.

The screenplay is by female scriptwriter Lam Jinling; the style is refreshing and combines the romantic air of the original novel, while adding more complex elements to the characters and plot.

Tammy’s character is a 30 year-old foreign exchange currency trader who meets the handsome and humorous advertising agent, Raymond. Tammy’s calm and static life goes on a roller coaster ride after meeting Raymond, who also brings out the cute and feminine side of her. Should Tammy choose Raymond, who causes her to love sweetly but also painfully at the same time? Or should Tammy choose Alex, who has the same steadfast and anchored personality as herself?

Also, Raymond’s friend, the sassy An Yixuan, can she really stand all the women that flow in and out of Raymond’s life? How would Su Feiya, who is very accommodating to Alex, finally win his heart? The popular Jiang Hua, who is in a relationship with 2 men, will she find true love or will she lose both of them? As the plot thickens, the characters in the series go through many adjustments and fluctuations, pricking your interest in finding out what happens to them!

“The New Breath of Love” is produced by the collaboration of China International Television Company, Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing broadcasting companies. The series also involves Hong Kong directors Cheng Ka Chun and Chung Siu Hung, making this grand production eagerly anticipated.

Credit to: Jayne

Raymond Lam Standards in the perfect girlfriend.

Searching around Youtube once again, i found a interview on Raymond. He talks about his standards on his perfect girlfriend. Raymond is really cute in this interview.


He likes a girl with:

-Both of them have to be capable.

-He doesn’t like a girl that is loud.

-He likes silence, not too silence that the girl is like a block.

-Voice in the girl is important. The girl have to have a nice voice, preferably knows how to sing.

-The face have to be “comfortable” [i liked how the other host made fun of Raymond, because its pretty uncommon to characterize a girls face to be comfortable, this part is pretty funny, like a sofa]

-He doesn’t like a girl with a very sharp face.

-He likes girls with long hair.

-He like girls with ponytail (because of his old love back in school.)

-First thing he consider when he meets a girl, is her hair ponytail. Doesn’t matter if she’s old, or a kid, Raymond will still take a glimpse at that person.

-He wants a girl that is not to short, because he doesn’t like to look to down.

After watching this interview, Linda Chung pop into my head. For some reason. All these points kind of leads to her.

Which actress do you think will fit into Raymond’s standards?

Here is some screen captures of the interview. Raymond is so adorable.


Watch the Video.

Credit: wenwen321 @

TVB Series Comparison.

My two favorite TVB series,  Eternal Happiness and Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, is the only two series which Raymond and Michelle are both paired up as pair.  There have been many similarities and many differences, but no matter what, their chemistry together is the best.

Here are some similarities between two series.

1) RM first interaction have always been important, RM both met in the forest in the beginning of the series.
One difference is the timing, EH is in the daytime, while LWVB is at the night.

2)Did you ever notice both Mang Lai Guain, and Lai Shing Nam both faint, and Raymond is there?

3) This one is similar to number 2. Once Mich’s is injured, Ray saves her.

4) No matter how fair their journey together is, RM will always end up in a ship/boat together.

5) Triangle Relationship, starts when an third person enters. Here, we have Myolie and Rain.

6)Here are two emotional parts of both series. Raymond is the one injured, while Mich is in tears.

6) A kiss should always be the most romantic parts. Here in EH, Ray is so closed to kiss Mich, yet he didn’t in the end. In LWVB, RM had a underwater kiss. Mouth to Mouth to transfer air.

7) The Saddest Weddings. Both have the saddest weddings, EH- Ray finally find out her identity, LWVB- Ray finds out Michelle was always on his side. Not only that, they are both wearing red and white.

8) An RM ending will always end in the waters. No matter if its a happy of sad ending.

9) Bonding Love- The love they finally have for each other.

The difference between two series is the ending.

Eternal Happiness was set to be a happy ending for RM. Going through a journey, RM is finally together.

Lofty Waters was the totally opposite. RM was never in a happy relationship, until the very end, they both find out who they truly love. But it was to late.

2008! Happy New Year! TVB HD’s world.

Welcome 2008! Finally a brand new year! TVB is transferring to high definition television. The screening, costumes, and scenery well be better. This year will be a big year for me, since I am graduating from high school and going on to college. I hope 2008 will be a great year for everyone.

 Raymond Clip: Welcoming TVB HD.

Credit to: isum01@ youtube 

Happy 28th Birthday Raymond!


Birthday: Dec.8.
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes.
Love, uraznhunnie

Raymond’s Birthday Wish:“I already told friends not to spend money and instead donate it to charities and then give the receipt to me as a present.”

He also hope to produce a second album soon. I think he will, since his first album sold so well.

 Here is a animated gif, and an avatar I made.

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