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Heart Of Greed 2

After HOG1’s success, HOG2 will began filming on February 14, 2008. The costume fitting was set couple of days ago.


Here is a news update on Heart of Greed 2.

Translated by mv_288 @

In 2007, Heart of Greed caused the ratings for TVB series to rise. The roles of Dai Kai, Sai Kai, Bao Bao, etc. left deep impressions on many audiences. In 2008 Heart of Greed II is highly anticipated, including the original cast, along with new additions. For this series, the roles will be completely different. During the costume fitting yesterday, the plot of the series was revealed.

The main villains for the series are Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, and Kate Tsui. Michelle Yim will play the role of “Aunt Li” [莉姨], and will eventually evolve into the villain [紅姨] (direct translation is “Aunt Red”). She will be the third party who tries to snatch away Lee Si Kei’s husband. This time around, Susanna Kwan will be Lee Si Kei’s sister. She plays the role of a gossiper, who along with her daughter, played by Kate Tsui, will stir up many problems in the family.

With the series revolving around a big family once again, Joe爸 (Father Joe), played by Ha Yu, manages a large moon-cake business. Lee Si Kei is his wife. Michelle Yim immigrates to Hong Kong, and Lee Si Kei provides her with a job at their company. As for Ha Yu, he has 6 children, and a stepdaughter who Michelle had with another husband. His stepdaughter will be played by Linda Chung. All of his children’s name makes up the phrase 「家、好、月、圓、慶、中、秋」, when combined together. Last time, Bosco was part of the family, this time he isn’t, and will play the role of a doctor who fights with Raymond Lam for Linda Chung. Raymond Lam will play the role of Ha Yu’s son. 李香琴 who has returned to TVB, will play the role of Ha Yu’s mother in this new series. This 40 episode series will revolve around family matters.

  1. Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, and Linda Chung Involved In A Triangle Relationship
  2. Moses Chan As A Stock Market Genius
  3. Fala Chen Plays The Role Of A Mute, Falling In Love With Dexter Young
  4. Lee Si Kei Tells Many Gags
  5. Mose Chan, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsiu will be in a love relationship.
  6. Kate Tsiu will be evil
  7. Shirley Yeung and Jack Wu will be the young Lee See Kei and Ha Yu.

My Thoughts: I am really excited to watch HOG2. All the characters and the storyline should be really interesting since I Loved HOG1. I can’t wait to see the love triangles. Along with Fala being the MUTE one. This should be interesting to see. HOG2 seems like its going to be more grand, more big. Kate looks really pretty. Finally she can break out of her tom boyish look that TVB gives her. Linda looks okay in her doctor outfit. I hope it improves though. I loved Linda’s style in HOG1. Also, Tavia’s outfit is a bit mature from HOG1. Her style is so much different. But I guess we have to wait and see how their outfit will change.

What Do you guys think about Heart Of Greed 2?


Raymond Lam Standards in the perfect girlfriend.

Searching around Youtube once again, i found a interview on Raymond. He talks about his standards on his perfect girlfriend. Raymond is really cute in this interview.


He likes a girl with:

-Both of them have to be capable.

-He doesn’t like a girl that is loud.

-He likes silence, not too silence that the girl is like a block.

-Voice in the girl is important. The girl have to have a nice voice, preferably knows how to sing.

-The face have to be “comfortable” [i liked how the other host made fun of Raymond, because its pretty uncommon to characterize a girls face to be comfortable, this part is pretty funny, like a sofa]

-He doesn’t like a girl with a very sharp face.

-He likes girls with long hair.

-He like girls with ponytail (because of his old love back in school.)

-First thing he consider when he meets a girl, is her hair ponytail. Doesn’t matter if she’s old, or a kid, Raymond will still take a glimpse at that person.

-He wants a girl that is not to short, because he doesn’t like to look to down.

After watching this interview, Linda Chung pop into my head. For some reason. All these points kind of leads to her.

Which actress do you think will fit into Raymond’s standards?

Here is some screen captures of the interview. Raymond is so adorable.


Watch the Video.

Credit: wenwen321 @

Version 5 Release!

I finally got some time and made a new banner. This time Featuring: Leila Tong. Hope everyone like. Comments are welcome. Even though it’s pretty plain, but I like it. Hope you guys like it also.

What have I been doing?

Well, for the past week, I have started school. I believe almost everyone is busy at this moment. Weekends are most of the time I actually get to update my sites. I’m hoping that I will still get supporters throughout.
This site is almost reaching 5,000 visits!! I’m so happy of the # of visits I get each day. Even for the days I haven’t update. I’ll try to keep you guys updated with the site.

My Life:-I have started school.
-I have finished watching To Grow with Love & Face to Fate
-Started watching Land of Wealth(I really like Sonjia Character)
-Started watching War in Laws 2

Series I put on hold.
-Time before Time
-Journey to the West 1

My Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye fan-site have reopened.

Raymond & Michelle- Dream World

Please check it out.

I have so much things to do, I really don’t know where to start. I’ll probably update more tomorrow, so Watch Out.

Linda Chung


I found two clips of Linda Chung singing in English. I am amused of how good she sound. She doesn’t have a Chinese accent like some TVB stars. She was born and raised in Canada before she came to Hong Kong. (maybe that’s one reason why, her English is so good.)

Credit to : smacky975 @ youtube

Here is another TVB promotion clip. This clip is really pretty. The beginning you can read Song performance by: Fala Chen and Linda Chung. I didn’t realize it was by them, until I saw the comments. I think they done a great job.

Credit to: jidka@youtube

TVB Series Comparison.

My two favorite TVB series,  Eternal Happiness and Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, is the only two series which Raymond and Michelle are both paired up as pair.  There have been many similarities and many differences, but no matter what, their chemistry together is the best.

Here are some similarities between two series.

1) RM first interaction have always been important, RM both met in the forest in the beginning of the series.
One difference is the timing, EH is in the daytime, while LWVB is at the night.

2)Did you ever notice both Mang Lai Guain, and Lai Shing Nam both faint, and Raymond is there?

3) This one is similar to number 2. Once Mich’s is injured, Ray saves her.

4) No matter how fair their journey together is, RM will always end up in a ship/boat together.

5) Triangle Relationship, starts when an third person enters. Here, we have Myolie and Rain.

6)Here are two emotional parts of both series. Raymond is the one injured, while Mich is in tears.

6) A kiss should always be the most romantic parts. Here in EH, Ray is so closed to kiss Mich, yet he didn’t in the end. In LWVB, RM had a underwater kiss. Mouth to Mouth to transfer air.

7) The Saddest Weddings. Both have the saddest weddings, EH- Ray finally find out her identity, LWVB- Ray finds out Michelle was always on his side. Not only that, they are both wearing red and white.

8) An RM ending will always end in the waters. No matter if its a happy of sad ending.

9) Bonding Love- The love they finally have for each other.

The difference between two series is the ending.

Eternal Happiness was set to be a happy ending for RM. Going through a journey, RM is finally together.

Lofty Waters was the totally opposite. RM was never in a happy relationship, until the very end, they both find out who they truly love. But it was to late.

Tvb SpotLight: Sonija Kwok


Sonija have been in TVB industry for about 7-8 years now, very closed to the time Charmaine Sheh came out. Through these past years Sonija proved to many people that she can become an actress. She was hated by most fans in the beginning of her career due to the evil role in Where the Legend Begins and Perish in the Name of Love. Many people hated her roles. Sonija was one of the low fan-based actress around, as years past TVB had given her many good and positive roles. Her fan-based has risen due to her lovable characters.

Sonija would be considered one of the “Fan Dans” she have been leading in serveral series, including The Last Breakthrough, Hidden Treasure, Angels Of Mission and many more. Sonija isn’t as popular as Charmaine or Gigi, but her performance granted many fans approval of her acting.

Sonjia will be leaving TVB. Her contract will end soon and she will not renew it. She will be heading to the mainland and film. Another person leaving TVB. Sonija has such a pretty and elegrant look. I’m pretty sad to see her leave. Sonija is one actress that I’ve meet in real life. TVB will be soon lacking artiste in the near future. Many people have left TVB already. I hope Sonija have a bright future ahead of her.

Sonija History:  Winner of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1999, Miss Chinese International Pageant 2000

Best Performance so far: The Last Breakthrough

Comments Anyone?