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Archive for October 29, 2007

Journey to the West 2


I just finished re watching Journey to the West 2 last week. I would say i really enjoy watching this. This series has been one of my favorites ever since it came out. The storyline and characters are very interesting. This was a sequel to Journey to the West. 


The main characters, Kong Wah, Benny Chan, Wayne Lai, and the third disciple (forgot his name) did a really good job. Their relation towards each other involved as the series went on.  Originally Dickey Cheung played the monkey god in the 1st part of Journey to the West, while Benny Chan played the same character in the sequel.  They both portrayed different personality. I really liked Benny Chan’s version of the monkey god because he was more funny, while Dickey was more serious.


The ending to Journey to the West 2 was great. They finally made it to the place, and became gods. I’m currently re-watching the Journey to the West 1. So far, I’m enjoying it.

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