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Archive for October 11, 2007

Why Raymond Lam?

heart Ray

Why not Raymond Lam? Raymond has a huge fan-based all across the world, his popularity really grew. I became one of his fans since the Eternal Happiness days. -back in 2002 i believe.  The older he gets the more handsome he is. I remember watching Eternal Happiness, the character Wong Bo Shu Wah was slow times. But he was really sweet. His images captured many viewers. His chemistry with Michelle Ye was absolutely perfect. From there on. Raymond popularity grew.

Year after Year Raymond has participated in various of series. From Survivor’s Law to Twins of Brother, from La Femme Desperado to Heart of Greed. Raymond Lam really changed during the years. But his character and charm will always be with him.

EH Ray
I will always support him. Will YOU?

Pictures from Heart Of Greed and Eternal Happiness.