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Journey to the West 2


I just finished re watching Journey to the West 2 last week. I would say i really enjoy watching this. This series has been one of my favorites ever since it came out. The storyline and characters are very interesting. This was a sequel to Journey to the West. 


The main characters, Kong Wah, Benny Chan, Wayne Lai, and the third disciple (forgot his name) did a really good job. Their relation towards each other involved as the series went on.  Originally Dickey Cheung played the monkey god in the 1st part of Journey to the West, while Benny Chan played the same character in the sequel.  They both portrayed different personality. I really liked Benny Chan’s version of the monkey god because he was more funny, while Dickey was more serious.


The ending to Journey to the West 2 was great. They finally made it to the place, and became gods. I’m currently re-watching the Journey to the West 1. So far, I’m enjoying it.

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War and Destiny

I’m currently watching War and Destiny. So far I really like it. My favorite character would go to Leila Tong. She is doing a really good job with playing the 4th mom. TVB really has to stop giving Myolie Wu good and sad roles. I found her character pretty annoying some times in War and Destiny. She blames everything on herself. Myolie should have a more serious role. Like Leila’s role. I also really like Sunny’s character along with Mandy. I would say Mandy really improved in this series. About Ron character, i have nothing to say. He’s just there.

Stolen Love (Part Two)

I’ve just finished watching Stolen Love, overall I thought it was pretty interesting. Except this story was totally different the way I thought it was. Toward the middle, Rain and Raymond were trying to find their past. They are trying to find all the memory’s they have lost. Toward the end Rain found the reason they don’t remember each other. She then tells Raymond the whole story. The main reason they don’t remember each other is because Rain is an angel from heaven, she was sent down to earth to do something. Until she meet Raymond, they fell in love. The first day was their very last day together. Rain wasn’t supposed to fall in love. So they lost their memories of each other. This happened two years ago in 1999. Now in 2001, they found each other again and the same thing happens.


After Rain’s story, memories of Raymond and Rain together flashed in his head. The time they first meet, first kiss, first date, etc. It was actually pretty sweet.
At the end, Raymond totally forgot of Rain. He didn’t even know her. Rain watched in sadness and walked away in the rain crying. THE END.


Overall i enjoyed watching this movie. It was confusing at first. But it cleared up at the end. I love the music by Raymond and sub theme by Rain.

Stolen Love (Part One)

I’ve just started watching Stolen Love, a  2001 romance movie. Starring Raymond Lam and Rain Li. So far i really like it. The first scene talks about Rick (Raymond character) getting in a car crash, memories of him and Rain Li flashed in his head. He tried to find out why he has these images of her, since he never meet her.


The scene after that was pretty funny. Rick was trying to smoke to get some inspiration. But once he saw Annie, her dropped the cigarette down.

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TVB Poster

Here is the 20007 Heart of Greed and the 2002 Golden Faith Poster. They look pretty much similar, except for the characters. Did you notice the “one” person in both posters? Raymond Lam. Its pretty interesting seeing Raymond in both series. Overall i love the Golden Faith Poster more, since everyone in the poster is facing the camera. I guess this is TVB’s way of creating similar posters for grand productions. However TVB used this official poster.

Overall both Heart of Greed and Golden Faith are both great series. If i were to pick a series, Golden Faith would be my favorite.

Why Raymond Lam?

heart Ray

Why not Raymond Lam? Raymond has a huge fan-based all across the world, his popularity really grew. I became one of his fans since the Eternal Happiness days. -back in 2002 i believe.  The older he gets the more handsome he is. I remember watching Eternal Happiness, the character Wong Bo Shu Wah was slow times. But he was really sweet. His images captured many viewers. His chemistry with Michelle Ye was absolutely perfect. From there on. Raymond popularity grew.

Year after Year Raymond has participated in various of series. From Survivor’s Law to Twins of Brother, from La Femme Desperado to Heart of Greed. Raymond Lam really changed during the years. But his character and charm will always be with him.

EH Ray
I will always support him. Will YOU?

Pictures from Heart Of Greed and Eternal Happiness.

New Blog!

hello. welcome to my blog. Not offically open yet until i post somthing interesting.

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I AM a fan of Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Leila Tong… and so on.

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