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I’m still here. My life is so busy right now. I have so many things coming up that I’mlacking the time to update. I have two AP test coming coming, along with Prom. Then I’m off to college. After May 10, I will be free to update. Sorry for all my latest visitors. I’m glad to see you guys still visiting this website after a couple weeks of not updating.

On the TVB stuff, I’m Currently watching:

Dicey Business, A Journey Called Life

The ones i put on hold: Tai Chi, Time Before Time, Steps

I recently finished: Price of Greed, Glittering Days

I will change the layout, after May 10th. So stay tune.


A Journey Called Life 金石良緣 Trailer


Enjoy the trailer. I think I’m really going to like this series. The Themesong is really nice, I love the theme sang by Linda and Steven. I think this series is going to be really meaningful. I’m in love with Linda’s acting, she is a bad and spoil girl. Funny how Steven and Linda met. I have just started watching this series online.

A Journey Called Life 金石良緣 Theme Video

Okay, you guys are probably wondering what have I been doing, and why am I not updating in a long time. Pass, week I lost someone I really treasured. It was really hard for me to keep updating and keep up with myself. So I took a hiatus from this site. But I’m back now. Now that I am at Spring break, I’ll start updating again.

HERE is the Theme Video of A Journey Called Life
Airing Date: March 31st, 2008
Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Fala Chen

Tvb SpotLight: Bernice Liu


Bernice Liu is the Miss Chinese International 2001 Pageant Winner. She is now one of TVB’s fa dans. I think her career is going pretty smoothly at this point. However, I don’t think she is being promoted fast enough. People like Linda Chung and Kate Tsiu is having better roles and being promoted so fast. (I like both btw.) Every since she started Virtues of Harmony, she was named the “Princess”. I really like her character once I saw VOH. Her character was very cute and likable to the audience. Her career has started since VOH. People slowly got to realize who Bernice Liu was. After VOH she also participated in series such as Golden Faith, Love Bond, and most recent Steps. Steps is so far one of her breakthrough roles. I’m hoping that she will get more variety of roles, than just the TVB “nice” roles.


One role I would like to see Bernice portray is “evil” or “sad”.  Bernice is a pretty and has a nice body figure. I think she could become one of the top TVB actress later on the years. One thought that came in my mind, if she switched places with Kate Tsiu in HOG2. She would be pair up with Moses Chan with the rival of Tavia Yeung. That would be pretty interesting to see since there are so many fans of Moses and Bernice. (Even though she will be the third-wheel)


I’m still waiting for a breakthrough role for Bernice.

Her recent TVB release series is Wasabi Mon Amour.

What are your thoughts on Bernice?

TVB- Tai Chi 太極 Themevideo 2008

Tai Chi is finally airing TODAY!!! It’s going to be air on 2/25/08-3/30/08. After a year of two of filming, they are finally releasing it. This series looks really pretty and the scenery looks awesome. Here is the theme video to Tai Chi. I’ll probably watch this series, once I find it on-line. Usually Tudou has the newest TVB releases. ENJOY!

I was kind of dissapointed with the themevideo, since its just a background music. But great NEWS! Raymond is singing the subtheme to Tai Chi.

RIP Lydia Shum….

Translations by miss scarlett @ Asianfanatics

Lydia Shum passed away this morning

Entertainer Lydia Shum passed away this morning in Queen Mary Hospital at 60-years-old. For many years Lydia has been suffering diabetes, high blood pressure, liver cancer, etc. Earlier on she received a bile duct operation.

Ho Sau Sun, who has worked with Lydia in the past described that it was hard to express his current feelings. “I can’t seem to accept this at the moment… it’s hard to explain my feelings.”

My Comments: Rest In Peace. I was definitely shock when I’ve read this on asianfanatics forum. So sad. I did not realize that she was that sick. But after many times of entering the hospital, I’m glad she’s in a better place now. All the pain and suffering has ended. I’m hoping that her family feel better. Her smile and laughter will always remain in the HK entertainment industry.

Credit: AsianFanatics

Strictly Come Dancing


Strictly Come Dancing, have recently been shown on Jadeworld Satelitte. I was amazed at how this show came out. This is a TVB joint production with a Hunan (mainland china) tv station. It’s basically a dance competition. TVB sends out 10 artiste. Hunan station sends 10 to compete among each other. TVB celebrities include: Sonija Kwok, Sharon Chan, Mandy Cho, Shirley Yeung, Janet Chow, Joe Ma, Carlo Ng, Stephen Huynh, Michael Tse, and Benjamin Yuen.

Even this show have already been board cast. I am overall happy with the winners. Their last dance is very creative. Michael Tse & one of the Hunan Artiste. (sorry don’t know her name). They did a great job. The way their dance is coordinated is so much better than the other teams. Great that they won!!

Watch the Winner’s PERFORMANCE!


Here is a picture of the ending celebration! Most of the people are from Hunan team. (Click to Enlarge)